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I don't post much, but this is so worth it
Disruptive Jesus Christ Dumped From Jury

The best line? "Efforts to reach Christ for comment were unsuccessful."

For the win!

Workday Conversations
Kill Bill Herione Addict
One of my colleagues is younger (24?), and apparently grew up somewhat sheltered, so many of my references are lost on her.  Today's topic of discussion:  Kathleen Turner and Kool-Aid.

Me:  "So, your assignment for the week is-"

Her:  "I know I know, watch that movie [Romancing the Stone] and drink the Kool-Aid."

Me:  "No no, DON'T drink the Kool-Aid!"

I'm going to have to keep a close watch on her methinks.

Yes, I do like the books, but this...

‘Twilighters’ Put Small Town in the Spotlight

I don't care how famous it is, I'm not paying $17 for a plate of mushroom ravioli.

Is it time for bed yet?
We are as packed as we can possibly be, soon I head over to our friend's house to load up their stuff, then home to load ours, then bed.  Since I have to go to bed so early tonight (we're leaving at 5am tomorrow, so I have to get up at...4 at the latest?), I made myself get up this morning at the normal time I would for work and I've been keeping myself busy all day.  *flop*  I don't see a problem getting to sleep tonight.

Next stop, Dragon Con!!!  Think good drivey thoughts for me and good flighty thoughts for Steve!

Finishing Touches and Last Minute Plans

Casta's almost finished!  I tried on the entire outfit the other night and I have to say.... it looks pretty damn AWESOME.  I still need to do a little tweaking, take things in a bit here, move a snap or two there, but ultimately, it's done.  Whew!  This weekend I'll do the finishing touches and do a "dress rehearsal" with my hair and such.

And apparently we're going to the Yule Ball Sunday night at the con.  I'm told it's a lot of fun, good music, costume contest, etc.  I've got two Harry Potter costumes, a generic witch (no character in particular) and a Death Eater, but I think I'll go with the wtich costume.    My Death Eater is of the 4th movie variety with that stupid-looking black pointy KKK hat, and I never got around to making a 5th movie version, which I like much, much better.  So, although it would be hilarious to go dressed as a Death Eater and dance, I don't really think I have time to make a new costume.... or do I?

(see, this is how I get myself into trouble:  OMG do I have time to squeeze out one more costume??)

I don't know, we'll see.  I'd kind of like to keep the stress level down now that the Casta outfit is just about done.  So, if I do wear my witch costume, I need to think of who she is.  She's a Hogwarts teacher, obviously (I'm way too old to pretend to be a student), and her name is Wilhemina Willendorf.  I'm thinking that she's the Hogwarts equivalent of a home ec teacher.  Hmm, now what would I call that in Potter terms?  The Domestic Arts? 

Loafism of the Day
Be More Awesome

On workday snacks:

The only thing that saves me is that [the vending machine] is down on the main floor which means I would have to walk up and down 2 WHOLE FLIGHTS OF STAIRS, and I'm gnenerally too lazy and apathetic to put that much effort into getting a Ho-Ho.

The Countdown and the Crunch

10 days until I leave for Dragon Con.  I'm happy to report that I'm not as stressed as I was, oh, a week ago.  Goddamn costuming is stressful.  And it's a very organic stress.  At first it was, I'm so inferior to all the size 0 hot chicks with boob jobs; then it turned into, I'm so inferior to all the other costumers I see in pictures from last year's con; then it turned into, I'm so interior to my friends' costuming talents and I'm going to be the weak link in our group costume.  But, I got together with fellow costumer Lisa last night to consult on a few tricky parts still to construct, and she was thrilled with my progress so far.  It's really coming together, I must say.  Most of the techniques I'm using are brand-new to me, and for a lot of this I'm really flying by the seat of my pants, so I'm terrified that at any given second I'll irrevocably screw it up beyond salvation.  So, I test out everything once before working on the actual garment and hold my breath a lot.

Still, almost there, and it's looking pretty kick ass. :)

I'm so looking forward to this, even the 13-hour car drive down to Atlanta.  (is it longer than that?  I don't remember, been a while since I mapped it out of curiosity)  I so desperately need this vacation, especially since my last "vacation" was marred by Steve's mom having a triple bypass, followed by 5 weeks of hell due to car drama.  It has not been a great summer.  So, escapism?  Yes please, and make it a double! 

So, what's left to do...  finish the bodice (see my icon for reference, just gotta put that yellow "V" on and that little keystone on the top) and bracers (sew on the snaps and stick in a little interfacing to stiffen them), and the boots (another fabic piece to go over the shin).  All relatively little stuff.  Oh, and finish up my Willie costume, but there's not much left to do for that either, basically just hot glue safety pins to a bunch of rubber cockroaches  (remember the bug scene in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom?)  I should easily be done by the end of the week, then clean the house in anticipation of my parents' arrival for housesitting.  I can do this.  Easy peesey. :)

Loafism of the Day
"I don't need to know how it works, I just need to know that it does.

...this is why I did not become a scientist."

And yes, I DO believe in fairies. :)


If anyone out there ever wanted to buy me a very-belated or extremely early birthday present, this is it: 

Pleeeeeeeease??  As you can tell, I'm diggin' on the whole Alice in Wonderland theme for my new car.



Contact: Magic Loaf
Contact Person: Loaf
Company Name: Loaf Motorcars, Inc.
Telephone Number: 555-6666
Fax Number: 867-5309
Email Address: magicloaf@roadwarrior.vroom
Web site address:  www.ifinallyhaveanewcaryo.com


Cleveland, OH, August4, 2009— The Stars Are Right.  The wait is finally over.  Loaf has a car.  

A 2003 Toyota Matrix, to be exact.  No, not as new as I was planning on getting, but for the price I got, I can barely complain.  And, true to my nature, after the agony of waiting week after week to find a car at auction, I wound up purchasing locally.  Go figure.  But, she's beautiful and I love her, even though I need to do a few upgrades.  Keyless entry is a must.  Now, we're not talking life or death here but, geez, this is my first car with power windows.  I'm stepping up in the world, so I'd like keyless entry too.  And, a new stereo.  My car predates auxilary input capability and since I almost exclusively listen to my iPod in the car, I'm now pricing stereos.  Fortunately, that's a relatively cheap upgrade.  I can't even express my joy at having my own wheels again, to be able to return to my normal schedule, to have the waiting OVER!

I probably won't bother posting pictures here, so if I end up taking any, I'll post them to FB.